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Analysts recommend a buy on the stock PWON Jakarta, Friday, December 2, 2016 / 06:30 pm, 02-12-2016


Shares of PT Pakuwon Jati Tbk grade. Since Thursday (1/12), shares of issuers with PWON password is officially registered as a new member of the MSCI Global Standard Index. Earlier, shares PWON is a member of the MSCI Global Small Cap Index.

By being a constituent of the MSCI Index, analysts said, the shares will be entered into the radar of foreign investors. Therefore, Franky Rivan, analyst at KDB Daewoo Securities, said the benchmark MSCI global investors. Investors who want to own a portfolio of stocks Indonesia will refer to stocks that go into the MSCI Index.

Throughout this year, PWON a target of pre-sales, neither the pre-sales of Rp 2.2 trillion. Minarto Basuki, Pakuwon Finance Director, is optimistic that the company will reach the target at the end of the year. Until last October, PWON marketing sales of Rp 1.8 trillion.

The property developer also believes would score recurring revenue growth in the next year. Because, according to Minarto, two shopping centers namely Supermall Pakuwon II and Tunjungan Plaza IV soon be operational in the near future. Unfortunately, he was not willing to disclose about the target marketing sales next year and a new project that will be released in 2017.

In general, Franky said, property demand next year will increase as macroeconomic conditions improved, the decline in lending, and the relaxation of the rules of the loan to value (LTV) mortgages (KPR). Various positive catalyst is going to be a blessing for PWON.

In addition to sales, PWON also benefited from the increase in rents. According to Franky, PWON management can hoist the rental price so successful hoist recurring income.

Theodorus Ariel, Lautandana Securities analyst, said the fundamental PWON fairly good. In the middle of the sluggish property industry conditions, performance PWON until last September is still positive growth. Pakuwon property projects are also fairly prestigious.

That’s why, the prospect PWON future is still bright. Franky estimates, next year PWON revenue reached Rp 7.5 trillion, with a net profit of Rp 2.07 trillion.

PWON stock performance was fairly okay. At the time of the issuer's shares other distressed properties, the share price is likely to strengthen. Despite rises high enough, Ariel stated, the stock price may rise despite PWON still limited.

Hence, Ariel recommends buying for PWON stock with a target price of Rp 840 per share. Franky also recommends buying for stock PWON. Target price: Rp 865 per share. Thursday (1/12) yesterday, stock prices still PWON Rp 665 per share.


Reporter Francisca Bertha Vistika, Herry Prasetyo

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