Pakuwon Group Property Exhibition Welcomes the Lowest Rate of the Century

Pakuwon Group Property Exhibition was held at Pakuwon Mall Fashion Atrium on 28 February until 4 March 2018. In early 2018, Pakuwon Group provides the opportunity to have quality landed houses, apartments and condominium, offices in all Pakuwon Group projects with no down payment program, up to 5 years installment, and installment starting from 2 million Rupiah. Customers also got the opportunity to win free ticket to fly around Asia.

“The exhibition is the right time to obtain information on quality property products as dream comes true or a profitable investment, information ease and benefits of mortgage payments. We can immediately utilize the moment of lowest point mortgage interest to own Pakuwon Group property,” said Sutandi Purnomosidi, Marketing Director of Pakuwon Group.

Mentioned on the 2018 economy projection, although it is a political year, economists believe that the macro economy is in a conducive condition. Moreover, the government has released policies to increase economic growth as stated in 2018 RAPBN. In line with this, Pakuwon Group has completed the construction of the most modern and prestigious office tower in the city of Surabaya, precisely on top of Tunjungan Plaza 6, Pakuwon Tower. Buyers have been able to enjoy working in the most exclusive office in the city starting 2018 Q4. Similarly, for the residential sector, Pakuwon Group launched La Viz, the new condominium project on the top of Pakuwon Mall, as well as the construction of hundreds of new houses in Pakuwon City and Grand Pakuwon to meet the enthusiastic public interest.