Pakuwon Mall

Pakuwon Mall, a modern icon and the pride of Surabaya, is the largest one stop shopping designation and the largest shopping center in Indonesia. This mall has been built over time and in 4 phases with a total retail area of 180,000 sqm and growing. The second and third phase of the extension was recently completed and opened in February 2017.

Occupied by more than 1000 tenants, this mall offers a diverse range of trade mix. The Swedish fashion giant, H&M opened their first store in Surabaya at Pakuwon Mall. The enormous selection of food and beverage is another major attraction. Very popular among the food connoisseur and increasingly becoming a choice designation for food adventure. The movie theaters and the activity centers make Pakuwon Mall an indispensable part of the social scene. It is the most comprehensive shopping center in this century.

The mall is also completed with the biggest atriums and convention centers in the city that can host international exhibitions, promotions, gatherings, wedding and any type of convention. Pakuwon Mall is not only a shopping mall but also the city’s most prominent designation for entertainment, fashion, cuisine, culture, social life and everything under one roof.


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